The Purpose

Hello Friends!

The purpose of this blog is to talk about the physical and emotional traumas that can result from the act of childbirth.  Mother’s often joke about the “pain” of childbirth and for some women, it is true, that the experience is just that, an experience, a small portion of your life in which you birth your child.  However, for others, such as myself, the physical and emotional ramifications of childbirth have been more than “an experience.”  It has been a lifestyle change, a journey, and ultimately a calling that has led me to write down my thoughts as a way to advocate for others in similar situations.

I wish I could have written about my experiences, feelings, nightmares, and triumphs the whole journey, however, blogging about said material proved an undeniable trigger.  It is only in my recovery that I can begin to recollect the experiences without an overwhelming sense of fear, insecurity, and anxiety.  I hope my blog can serve as an inspiration, and an informative guide to those currently struggling with any, all, or more of the circumstances that I will blog about.

Thanks for Reading!


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