Physical Therapy

So, today I was “discharged” from Physical Therapy.  I have been in one form of physical therapy or another for a little over 3 years.  I have seen 2 very competent physical therapists with very different styles.  I have learned that in physical therapy, the sphincter muscle is treated just like any other muscle with an issue, and a great therapist can treat it as such.  I have done vaginal probe biofeedback, rectal probe biofeedback, ultrasound, scar reduction therapy, pressure point therapy, and too many keegals to count!  I know how many tiles are on the ceiling at my PT’s office because I have counted them as I try to zone out the pain I feel when stretching something that does not want to be stretched.  I have learned coping mechanisms and key exercises to help regain some of my bowel continence function.

I was discharged today because my PT determined, with my support, that the recent INTERSTIM medical intervention I underwent helped my muscle tone by increasing sacral nerve support.  I could squeeze her finger  with more pressure and with longer duration than I have ever done before.  I get to go to PT on an “as needed” basis.  This is such a relief.  What will I do with all of this extra time on my hands, now that I don’t need to go to PT on a regular basis?  More keegals, of course!

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