So, as I’ve been alluding to in previous posts, I’ve undergone some major medical changes in the last month or so.  On July 22, I had a sacral nerve implant put in my body for a test run.  This sacral nerve implant, (Medtronic Interstim for Bowel Incontinence) was just approved by the FDA in April of 2011, so I need to believe that I am probably one of the first people to try this new therapy out!  This nerve stimulator has changed my life.

I heard about Medtronic from my rectal surgeon in June and was ready to try anything that could possibly increase my ability to control my bowel incontinence.  Medtronic Interstim has changed my life.  From the moment of implant, I recognized changes in my function.  I could feel again.  I could clench again.  I could CONTROL my bowel movements again.  It is truly a miraculous therapy.  I have very little issue with bowel incontinence since the first implant.

It’s really unbelievable!

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  1. Marie Beikirch Said:

    Thank you for sharing Lauren. You have had a tough road and I am glad Medtronic was able to turn your life around. I
    can’t imagine the pain/shame you have had to endure.
    You are very brave to share your story.
    I work in the cardiology field and know Medtronics well.They also are LIFE SAVERS to hundreds and hundreds of
    people who have had devices/defibrillators installed in
    order to keep their heart in sinus rhythm.

  2. bg Said:

    I’m glad things are going so well for you. I hope you don’t mind, I just forwarded the link to a friend of mine who works for Medtronic. I thought she’d appreciate your endorsement 🙂

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