Where’s the Cheese?

Before Interstim, before hope of recovery of the sphincter, I had become resigned, but not comfortable, with my new way of life.  Every day, I would wear an overnight pad (changing it of course when I had accidents).  I would often wear this pad backwards, placing the longer part towards the back.  Every day I would carry an underwear change, wipes, and extra pads in my purse.  Although I never explained the whole process to my daughter, she would realize that these things would need to go into my purse prior to us leaving the house.  She’d ask me if I had my underwear and my “cheese.”  I never corrected her on the “cheese” part, needing some sort of levity to the situation at hand.  But, now that you think about it, overnight pads wrapped in orange plastic do like surprisingly like slices of American cheese!  I am grateful that I can place real slices of American cheese in my purse (with an ice pack of course) and leave the pads at home now. 🙂

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