40 grams

40 seems to be the magic number.  I begin each day with 40 grams of fiber.  I should take out stock in All Bran, because I go through at least a box a week!  Eating fiber is essential, even with Interstim intervention.  Some ways that I have found to get 1 cup of Bran Buds into my mouth in the morning:

Bran Buds with Yogurt and Berries

Bran Buds with Chicken Salad

Bran Buds with Milk (not recommended, unless you like the texture of glue)

Bran Buds with Almonds and Chocolate Chips

Bran Buds with Peanut Butter

I find that if I don’t eat 1 cup a day, I seem to backslide with my continence.  Eating the same thing every day may seem easy, until you actually have to do it.  If anyone has any suggestions for future recipes, let me know!

Thanks for Reading!


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  1. Craig Said:

    You forgot to mention that the Bran Bud smoothie idea did not work out so well.

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