Can YOU imagine?

Sometimes, when I explain incontinence to people, it’s hard for me to really understand that they can actually “get” the impact that this condition has on one’s life.  To suddenly lose the ability to function in an area that you take for granted is a nearly impossible situation to truly understand unless you have gone through it yourself.  So, I will try my best to explain my fecal incontinence to you:

Put yourself in this frame of mind:  Your worst day with diarrhea.  We’ve all experienced this.  Now, imagine that this happens every day, without warning, and instead of liquid shots of stool, you are passing full size bowel movements.  Now, imagine that you try to make it to the bathroom, but standing only allows gravity to assist you in passing more stool.  Now, imagine that you do make it to the bathroom sometimes, but lack the sphincter sensation to finish a bowel movement so it slowly leaks out throughout the rest of the day.  Now, imagine that this is happening at work, in the car, while you are taking care of your kids, grocery shopping, at church, etc.  I think you get the point.  It’s defeating.

That’s why I am so grateful and will continue to pass the word on about Interstim.  I can always imagine the incontinence issue, because I went through it.  I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.  I hope that you who only have to imagine it in your lifetime can gain empathy for those living with the situation with my above examples.  I hope that you who do more than imagine, who live with the incontinence, have success with Interstim. 

Thanks for Reading-


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