Let’s Dance, Ellen!

So, I want to be on the Ellen show.  I have submitted my story a couple of times, to no avail 🙂  I know…she’s a busy woman.  I feel like her show could be the perfect platform to thrust birth trauma into the forefront by exposing millions of her viewers to this condition.  The Ellen show has proven to be the perfect venue to talk about topics that society isn’t always aware of or comfortable with.

Because birth trauma is not talked about, people who suffer from birth trauma experience shame, guilt, and sadness.  People who love those afflicted with birth trauma often feel helpless, ignorant, and angry.  We can change ALL of this through exposure.

There ARE support systems, life changing surgeries, wonderful therapies, and experienced doctors out there.  There IS NOT an awareness in our society to bring these resources to the front line of people’s minds.

Ellen, help me to erase the stigma of birth trauma. Ellen, help me to connect people to resources.  Ellen, help me to let people know they are not alone.  Ellen, help me help those suffering with birth trauma know that there IS hope.  Let’s Dance, Ellen!

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