Choosing Cesarean

Over my vacation I read the most amazing book, Choosing Cesarean, A Natural Birth Plan, written by Dr. Magnus Murphy and Pauline McDonagh Hull.  This book is a well written, informative, and research based text that allows women, their partners, and health care providers a fresh look at the possibility of elective c-section as a birth plan.  The book gives women the opposite perspective of most mainstream birthing literature and encourages women to make their own birth choices based on the information provided.

This book has been extremely timely and helpful in my own journey.  Eventually-I will have another child.  Eventually-I will have an elective c-section.  This book has made it much easier to explain my choice and educate others on the very real option of elective cesarean as a natural birth plan.

Check out Pauline’s blog,, to understand her point of view more completely.

Well done Pauline and Dr. Murphy!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Mrs. W Said:

    I second the recommendation of “Choosing Cesarean”. Unlike most birth books with a “natural childbirth philosophical leaning” – this book does not push cesarean or vaginal birth, but puts the available modes of birth into context and enables a conversation with a health care provider about what might be best for a particular woman.

  2. Thank you for such a positive review of our book Lauren. We really appreciate your support, and as always, your openness and courage.

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