10,000 hits?

Blogging provides an outlet for my personal insights, views, and emotions.  It also provides a forum for me to spread my messages regarding birth trauma-both physical and emotional.  I have many loyal readers, both known to me personally as well as people I have never met.  I have made many new contacts-both personal and professional, for which I am grateful.

Thank you, my readers, for all the support and suggestions.

Thank you, my readers, for helping me get my blog out there.  Currently, I have had 4,099 hits on my blog.  I am extremely proud to be reaching all of those people.  My goal is to continue growing in readership.

My goal is to reach 10,000 hits on my blog by my one year Interstim Anniversary, August 5th.  

How can you, as a reader, help me reach my goals and, in turn, help spread the word about birth trauma?

*Use social media-encourage others to read my blog by posting it on your Facebook page or e-mail links.

*Talk about the blog in social circles, especially those circles that may include new mothers.

With your support, I feel that my goal of 10,000 hits by August 5th is an attainable one.  10,000 hits means that 10,000 people have been exposed to my blog, my story, and my attempt at making peace out of the pieces.  

Thanks for Reading,


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