A Gift from my Daughter

For mother’s day this year, my daughter filled in a book titled “It’s all about my mom.”  By “filled in” I mean that she provided her answers and my husband scribed the words.

Besides being an awesome gift, the meaning of some of her candid responses struck me.

Some answers were definitely given from a 4 year old’s perspective.  For example:  “My Mom’s favorite flower-my daughter’s response: dandelion.”  “My mom likes to-my daughter’s response, get me a sucker at the bank!”

Other answers seemed wise beyond her years.  This answer caused me to pause, emotionally, for a very long time. “My favorite memory with my mom-my daughter’s response: when mom protected me from getting hurt.” 

After ascertaining that my husband had not fed her that response, I pondered her words. Why was this her response? Does she remember?  Does it matter if she was talking about then or now?  I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never know exactly what instance she was talking about.  I am overjoyed that my daughter knows I will protect her, knows I have protected her, and knows I will continue to protect her.  And that, my friends, is the gift that my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.

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  1. Mrs. W Said:

    That is a truly beautiful gift.

  2. That’s lovely! Children make it all worth while; certainly ours do for us.

    Children come out with the most remarkable things some times. Our son often remarks (unprompted, about once a quarter) on how he remembers Mummy being poorly in hospital – He was 2 when our Daughter was born (is 4 now).

    Our son’s comments are not about things which he may hear us talking about, but rather comments from his own viewpoint of ‘that’ time in hospital. e.g. He’ll see something on TV like a ventilator on a hospital type program and say “You had that Mummy, what is it?”.

    August 2011, my wife also suffered a horrendous car crash (a boy racer hit her head on). Our son(3 at the time) & daughter (almost 1) were in the back seats, with our 7yr old Niece in the front. Our son often comments… what’s that smell? It smells like a car burning – is that naught boy out again Daddy? (referring to the boy racer; who we tried to explain as a naught boy driving too fast).

    I’m sure your Daughter’s comments are of how you always protect her – I’m sure (and hope) she can not remember her birth.

    All the best.


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