You Never Know

You never know.  This has been a mantra of mine since deciding to share my experiences, and share my story.  The other day, I was catching up with a friend and I handed her my card  that outlines my blogging website and my mission.  The person beside me, a man, overheard my conversation and promptly asked me for the information, citing his daughter’s agonizing recent experience with her own childbirth.  I was happy to oblige and give him a card that I know will contain information critical for his daughter in these early postpartum days.  I commend this man for speaking out.  Yet, once again, I am overwhelmed to think of the amount of women who suffer in silence, and who do not break their silence because of social stigmas.   It is because of these very occurrences that I continue to speak, loudly, everywhere, without hesitation, because….you never know.  You never know who is listening.  You never know who you may help next.  You never know.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Tracy Said:

    That’s so cool!!

  2. So, so true, Lauren! What a fantastic post, has certainly provided me with my inspiration today! xx

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