Getting the run around….

In reading about other individual’s experiences with elective cesarean, I have counted myself lucky that the opposition from medical professionals that many mothers face in obtaining the right to choose this type of delivery is something I have only READ about.  Until now.  This past weekend, my OBGYN doctor called me with a heads up that “we may have a little problem with your planned c-section.”  My doctor, (who is a huge advocate for my planned elective cesarean that is supposed to take place in 3 days), has received an e-mail from the hospital I am set to deliver at asking him “why is she (meaning me) choosing this mode of delivery electively at 38 + weeks gestation?”  Furthermore, the hospital is claiming that the amniocentesis appointment that has been set for months for the day before the scheduled c-section is not set up. (even though I have paperwork confirming the appointment). The claim is that there is no appointment, therefore, no ability to process to lung development, therefore, no elective c-section.  In addition to these claims from the hospital, my OBGYN has informed me that many mothers going in for an elective c-section recently at this hospital have been faced with “inconclusive” findings during the amniocentesis, therefore, the elective c-sections for these mothers have been cancelled, resulting in a later rescheduling or more likely, the need for the mother to go into labor prior to having a c-section.

I find this completely unacceptable for the hospital to pull this little stunt 3 days prior to my planned c-section.  Not only do I believe that elective cesarean IS the better choice for delivery, I have medical indications that support my right to demand an elective cesarean section without trial of labor.  These indications include:

1.  Previous BOTCHED vaginal delivery in which I was in labor for over 30 hours, pushed for over 3, and delivered a sunny side up 8 pound 14 ounce baby girl with forceps.

2.  A third degree tear, dislocated hip, and severe postpartum hemorrhage immediately following delivery.

3.  Resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with related Anxiety Disorder directly related to trial of labor and vaginal delivery.

4.  Resulting permanent damage to rectal sphincter and fecal incontinence directly related to trial of labor and vaginal delivery.

5.  The medtronic Interstim for fecal incontinence device that I have placed on my sacral nerve does not support the trials of labor and delivery, a c-section is indicated as a better mode for delivery.

6.  The current SPD, symphysis pubic dysfunction, that I am dealing with will only get worse with a trial of labor and delivery, a c-section is indicated as a better mode for delivery.

Because of all the above indicators, my anxiety level is through the roof just thinking about a trial of labor, that could possibly result in a vaginal delivery.  Also, the closer I get to my due date, the more likely my elective planned c-section will become a c-section that results after I go into labor, which is not an ideal situation for me, emotionally or physically.  I know with certainty that my OBGYN is on my side with this, and he is currently trying to sort the whole thing out with the hospital.  Later today, I have an appointment with my OBGYN doctor and I hope it brings good news.  It’s just a shame that I need to spend these next couple of days worrying over a choice that I should have the right to make without the hassle instead of mentally preparing myself for the joy of meeting my son via the certainty of a planned elective cesarean delivery.

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  1. lisa simmons Said:

    Lauren, There are not words to express how I am feeling about this news.  I am praying for you and believe that this will work out the way you want.  I am so sorry you have to spend these days fighting instead of preparing. Hang in there the best is truly yet to come. Love and hugs! Lisa


  2. Wow. I was hoping the next post I read from you would be about welcoming your baby via a beautiful, calm, planned cesarean.

    I hope your appt today brings good news. Otherwise, I would consider going to the media. Your c/s is not “elective” it’s clinically indicated!

  3. I ‘m really sorry Lauren, I hope everything will go ok and you finally would have your c-section, it’s really so unfair! As you already know i’m going through the aftermath of a three degree tear, for me I can not imagine another vaginal birth, no way! Be strong! Hugs from Spain

  4. Eileen Barrett Hovey Said:

    Lauren I trust in your Doctor to do everything in their power to make this birth exactly what you wanted, planned, coordinated & deserve. If you want us to start marching on hospital just say the word & I’m there. Love you Aunt eileen

  5. Mrs. W Said:

    Lauren – Very sorry to hear you are facing the consequences of guideline centred care, it’s disturbing and I wonder if a strongly written letter from a lawyer about the liability consequences of frustrating your care plan might assist??

    Hoping for the best – you will make it through this, hopefully without going into labour first.

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